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Seller's Testimonials
"It has been a pleasure to work with you and Doubletake Gallery. As clients since August, 2007 our business transactions have been seamless with excellent communication and prompt payment."
LB, California, USA

"I just wanted to write and say thanks for selling our art. You made it really easy."
BZ, Illinois, USA

"Thanks for taking your time to explain things yesterday when I talked with you about the Earles and the Tobiasse we are thinking about selling through Doubletake. And, again, I want to say what an easy website you've designed."
JS, Mexico

"Thank you very much for responding so quickly and providing this information. It makes my decision very easy. I really appreciate your input."
JT, Texas, USA

"I was very impressed with the information you provided. As a generalist appraiser, it was information that I would not have been able to accurately convey to my client for their donation appraisal, without additional time in research. Also, when I explained the reasons, you provided, why the value was what it was they completely understood."
JP, California, USA
Consignment vs. Classified Ad
We have a few different options for sellers. The two most popular are Consignment, and Classified Ads. "Consignment" means that you'll physically send the artwork to Doubletake Gallery so we can display it in our brick-n-mortar gallery. "Classified Ad" means that you'll keep the artwork in your possession until we find a buyer.
Selling as a Consignor
First of all, we ask that you only consider sending your artwork to us for consignment if you are not currently displaying it. If you're still enjoying the art, keep the artwork and use a classified ad.

Before you send a work of art to Doubletake Gallery, either send us an Email or call us at (952) 224-8333 with the details about the pieces you want to consign. We have strict standards about what we accept. If you call first, we can talk about the works you own and give you an idea about their approximate worth and what you can expect to get for them.

After we've agreed to receive your artwork for consignment, we'll tell you how to pack and ship it safely. Once we've received your artwork, we'll inspect its condition to determine if any steps need to be taken to bring the piece up to sellable standards. Many older prints have minor (or sometimes major) imperfections that, over the years, have resulted from a number of causes. You'll be kept informed of what we find and no action will be taken to repair or restore a piece without your expressed permission.

Once we've inspected your art, we call to talk about it's value in the current art market, and compare that value with your expectations. Our fee structure is then worked out on an individual basis. We find it easier to be flexible with our service fees rather than trying to conform to some rigid guidelines. After all, we don't want to bring the selling of your fine artwork to the level of a commodity transaction.

You retain full ownership of the artwork while it's on consignment with us, and have every right to change your mind and decide not to sell it. If that happens, we ask that you give us two (2) weeks notice before returning it. We may have already committed the piece to a sale, in which case we would just be waiting for the new buyer to receive the piece and approve its condition. If that were the case, it would be too late for you to change your mind.

You'll be issued a check after the artwork has been sold and the buyer has received the piece in good condition. Since all pricing agreements are worked out with you in advance, the check you receive will never be less than you expected. With luck, it will be for more.

If you have any other questions about consigning with Doubletake Gallery, please don't hesitate to call or email.

Selling Using a Classified Ad
If you want our help in selling their artwork, but want to keep the artwork until we find a buyer, use our classified ad service. Only when we have someone seriouly interested in buying your artwork do you send it to us. Most internet classified services require the seller to ship their artwork directly to the buyer. As a protection for both parties, we have sellers ship the artwork to us so we can personally inspect it. If we don't approve it, we ship it back at our expense.

We give the buyer a reasonable amount of time to approve of their purchase before sending you a check. Our fee is 15% and is deducted from your check when the sale is done. Our services include credit card processing, inspecting the condition of your art prior to shipping it to the buyer, verifying authenticity, re-crating (if necessary), and follow-up with the buyer to make sure they're satisfied with their new purchase. Your only responsibility will be to get the art to us. We'll take over from there.

If you're selling original works of art, or a rare limited edition piece, you'll need to send a photo so that we can scan the image. The photo that you send should be a Hi-Res image. If the photo you send is not up to standards, we'll contact you about getting a new one.

How to Sell Your Artwork Immediately
If personal circumstances require you to liquidate either all or part of your collection, or if you just want to get some artwork out of your life, contact us by phone at (952) 224-8333. We'll discuss your individual situation with you and explain several possible options. Of course, calls of this nature are completely confidential.
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