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"International Cuisine"


LeRoy Neiman

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Copyright © 1998 LeRoy Neiman, Inc., All Rights Reserved.
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Edition #: 41/450
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Limited Edition
Serigraph on Paper
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450 Numbered
90 Artists Proofs
8 Printers Proofs
2 Presentation Proofs
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Additional Description
This serigraph pays homage to American chefs who have distinctly added American contributions to international cuisine.

The serigraph presents a busy and bustling scene in a grand emporium of fine dining. One can hear the gentle clinking of tableware and crystal while savoring the aroma of grand cuisine. The stars of the show, the chefs, carefully prepare gourmet dishes of exquisite and delicate flavor, the sumptuous tools of their trade spread out before them. To the left, a pair of classic waiters select bottles of fine vintage. To the right, a characteristic French sommelier tests a wine selection. Behind them on the right is the commanding presence of the maitre'd, discreetly keeping a sharp eye on all the goings-on. And in a frieze along the top, elegant diners enjoy the service and relish world-class international cuisine.

The backdrop of the serigraph is a montage of hundreds of labels from actual bottles of wine and cognac, as well as the bands of premium cigars.

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